About the Journal

History Education: Change and Continuity (HECC) Journal publishes articles related to History Education and the history of scientific studies. Published articles are the result of research that contributes to change and sustainability. The focus on historical education research includes historical, pedagogical learning and involves an analysis of the social, cultural, and psychological impacts of historical learning. In historical research, the focus is on writing based on historiography that covers all aspects of human life in various periods and locations. The article published in this journal results in an analysis of changes, relationships, and influences on sustainability.  Published writings play an essential role in shaping the insights, values, and views of historical and historical education. 

History Education: Change and Continuity (HECC) Journal is published by the Department of History, History Education Study Program, Faculty of Social Sciences, Padang State University. Published in English and published 2 issues per year.

Jurnal Info

Frequency         : 2 issues per year 

Editor in chief  : Firza

Published by.   : Universitas Negeri Padang

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